Featuring helpful links for cyclists, particularly tandemists and recumbent riders. is a great source for all
things recumbent. They have an excellent classifieds section.

This is a link to a web-based newsreader, featuring a 'bent newsgroup.


Recumbent Tandems

A pictorial list of practically every recumbent
tandem in production, with helpful links!


Tandem Magazine

Tandem Magazine is not currently being produced,but several
back issue articles are available, and the classifieds section is still very active


tandem@hobbes listserv

The tandem@hobbes listserv is the premiere internet
information source for tandem bicycles.


Recumbent Cyclist News

An on-line version of an excellent magazine.


'Bent Rider Online

A new 'bent-oriented online e-zine with a plethora of helpful information.


The Hostel Shoppe

An excellent place to buy a recumbent bicycle! This is where we got ours.


Organic Engines

Our ride is an Organic Engines Daisy Mayhem. If you contact
O.E., you will deal directly with Dan, the owner and builder of all the
Organic Engines products. Highly recommended!